SSL-Certification for your ecommerce and website

When do you need an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate provides encrypted https traffic to your e-commerce and home page. The benefits of an SSL certificate are encrypted https traffic between an e-commerce client and an e-commerce client. Other benefits include better ranking of search engines in search results by increasing https pages in search results and thus reducing the cost of paid search advertising. The lock image in the address bar creates a reliable view of the customer's site in addition to the https address.

With SSL certification in real payment transactions, IDs and credit card numbers are kepts secure and because this information is extremely important to keep out of reach of fraudsters this increases the importance of having an SSL-Certificate. Almost without exception, however, payment service providers already protect their connection automatically in their own services, and credit card information is often not even processed on the e-commerce side. However, this does not mean that other customer and ordering information should be left unprotected.

SSL Benefits

Encrypting online transactions

Phishing attack prevention

Install on multiple servers

Improves SEO Score / Rank

Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates

Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates are used by all types of entities such as government organizations, companies, associations, foundations and partnerships. The application process takes about 10 days and will only be granted once the applicant's right to the site has been secured and at the same time the authority of the issuer has been thoroughly reviewed by the applicant organization. The criteria for granting Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates are closely aligned with the EV specifications that must be reviewed by the Authorizing Authority before issuing an Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate:

The entity's legal, physical and functional existence must be verified
Entity identity must match official markings
The entity should have clear exclusivity of the site being searched for in the EV certificate
The entity must have come to accept the issuance of an EV certificate

This type of SSL certificates allows visitors to see your business name in the address bar.

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Organization Validation (OV) SSL certificates

Organization Validation (OV) SSL certificates are only issued when the certificate authority has the right to the web address it is applying for. In addition, the issuing authority examines the accuracy of the organization to a certain degree of accuracy. The details of the organization that received the OV certification will also be displayed as certification when the address field lock is clicked. This fact is a clear additional security for the buyer and the website and guarantees that the user is dealing with the right person when using the website. It usually takes a few days to apply for an OV certificate, but if all documentation is ready and handed over to the authority at the time of the search, it may take up to a few days to issue.

Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificates

Domain Validation (DV) An SSL certificate is issued after the applicant authority has verified the applicant's right to that domain address. No validation of the organization is performed in the case of a DV certificate, and thus the lock information does not appear when the organization is clicked. The benefit of having a DV certificate is its quick approval, as it can at best be obtained in as little as about a quarter of an hour.

Wildcard SSL certificates and standard SSL certificates

Normal DV and EV certificates always protect one website address at a time. This is for example or the same address without the www prefix, Wildcard certificates can protect one master domain and multiple subdomains, such as and and or Usually there can be an unlimited number of subdomains when running wildcard SSL certificates. In addition, multi-domain certificates are available that can protect multiple web addresses with a single certificate, such as,, and Again, depending on the certificate, up to 100 different web addresses can be protected with a single certificate.


EV SSL Certificates provide the strongest encryption available and enable the organization behind the site to present its own verified identity to the visitors.

SSL certificates -EV -OV -DV -Wildcard

Not only are they much cheaper than Extended Validation certification, standard SSL certificates work to secure sensitive information and give visitors a reliable online view.

Protects sensitive user information

SSL encrypts the communication between the website and the visitors so that no one can access the credit card information or other confidential information entered on your website.

Increase customer confidence

The use of the online services requires that the customer can rely on the service provider. Some ways to increase security and experience include: using secure connection (SSL).

Improves SEO results

Search engine optimization means optimizing a website for both site users and search engines (Google). In practice, the more relevant name for search engine optimization is Google optimization.

Secure your site with an SSL certificate

Search engine optimization means optimizing a website for both site users and search engines (Google). In practice, Google optimization is a more relevant name for search engine optimization.

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Frequently asked Questions

Generally, getting a certificate becomes cheaper if you place an order for a longer period of time. To use an SSL certificate, your domain name must have its own IP address.

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An SSL certificate is a digital certificate issued to a domain and issued by a Certificate Authority. To obtain an SSL certificate, you must first purchase it and then complete the certification authority's verification process.
SSL certification has 2 different functions:
1. Encrypt the information transmitted between the visitor's browser and your site.
2. Demonstrate the authenticity of your site to the visitor. By doing these 2 things, SSL certification will protect your customers and increase their confidence in your online business. This is especially important if the site requires users to sign in using passwords or requests to enter sensitive information such as credit card information.
SSL certificates are compatible with all major browsers.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to upgrade certificates at this time. However, you can obtain a new certificate and install it on the same server to replace the old certificate.
An SSL certificate is not difficult to install, but it requires several simple steps. For detailed instructions on how to install an SSL certificate, please see our help archive.
Let’s Encrypt’s ability to automatically renew certificates makes it easier to avoid these situations. Shorter renewal intervals are also good in cases where the authentication key ends up in the wrong hands. This is especially important for certifications cancellations also cannot be blindly relied upon at present.
Let’s Encrypt isn’t just enough. Automated installations, cost-effectiveness, and strong support from the industry make it an easy and reliable choice for any site, regardless of size. As a WP customer, you get access to it at no cost and effort to all your sites!
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