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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website for being search engine friendly to improve search engine visibility. Search Engine Optimization aims to improve the ranking of your website within the rankings of search engines to increase traffic to your website. With careful optimization and keyword research, your site can be found with the right keywords at the top of the search results.

We analyze the SEO activities of regional competitors. What keywords do competitors use? We make recommendations based on the analysis.
We conducta keyword research in the target country and language because SEO keywords cannot be translated directly. The optimization must use search terms that are actually what the visitor is looking for in a business or community product or service.
That is why translators who are native speakers of the target country and who are experienced in SEO are conducting the research.
The goal is to find relevant keywords for each target language that work the same way as the source language site.
It also seeks to find strong country-specific keywords that are missing from current content and that can be used to create locally relevant content.

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SEO areas:

Keyword research

Defining goals

Content strategy and content optimization

Technical website analysis and optimization

Website structure analysis and optimization

Linking strategy and getting links

Continuous reporting, monitoring and analysis of results

Ongoing support and consulting

Customized SEO training

Search engine optimization is not a gimmick or a magic trick, but a better and easier Internet.

Search engine optimization is not a gimmick or a magic trick, but a better and easier Internet. Each organization has its own, individual goals and policies. Therefore, we do not sell search engine optimization in kilos.

Our work is based on facts: what's really happening online and what is worth doing. Our most important measure is the customer's business success.

The three cornerstones of search engine optimization are the technical implementation of the site, the quality of the content and the credibility of the site. A good starting point for the development of the website findability is your site technical SEO audit: it tells what your site features technical side must be developed and how, so that Google and other search engines can interpret the content of the site correctly.

High-quality content means structured, well-designed, user-oriented content that engages your visitors. Search behavior analysis, or keyword research, reveals what your customers are really interested in online. With online writing training you will learn how to produce content that can be found and read. Our SEO experts help you develop and design your content so that the content on your site is high-quality, discoverable, and targeted.

The site's reputation is based on your brand's digital footprint: Is your content used as a source by other credible online services, and is your brand used online? The importance of external links for search engine visibility is still unmatched. Modern link building is digital PR that increases the long-term capital of a site.