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Nida Verkkopalvelu Oy
Trade register: 2452797-4
Phone : +358 9 444 744
Mon-Fri : 09:00 - 17:00
Sat - Sun : suljettu
Visiting address :: Olarinluoma 7, 02200 Espoo
Postal address : : Olarinluoma 7, 02200 Espoo - FIN

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Nida Verkkopalvelu Oy:n asiakasrekisteri

Rekisteriasioita hoitava henkilö
Ihsan YÜZ
E-mail : ihsan@nida.fi
Phone : +358 50 322 0322

Purpose of processing of personal data
The general conditions under Article 8 of the Personal Data Act:
Personal information is processed and stored for the purpose of providing and maintaining the Customer's services (such as for the purposes of registering domain names), billing and contact information, and for sending marketing messages to Nida Verkkopalvelu Oy.

Information content of the register
Nida Verkkopalvelu Oy's customer information register may be stored regarding the customer;
Customer name
Company name
Email address
Ordered product
Payment method
Other contact information such as aditional email addresses and phone numbers
Information about your order and billing history

Regular sources of information
Customers' personal information is generally collected on the basis of the information provided by the customer at the time of ordering, and on the basis of changes in the information notified by the customer.

Regular disclosure of information
Nida Verkkopalvelu Oy customer register information is not disclosed to third parties.
Nida Verkkopalvelu Oy s obliged to disclose the customer's contact information when registering a domain name for the international WHOIS register. This obligation has been imposed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers ("ICANN"), an organization responsible for the control and partial administration of domain names (for more information, see www.icann.org).
Nida Verkkopalvelu Oy does not disclose customer information except as defined above.

Transfer of data outside the EU or EEA
Information will not be disclosed outside the EU or the EEA.

Registry security principles
Personal data stored in the register will always be treated confidentially.
The computer-based system is protected from the outside with firewall and password protection. The register shall be used only by the persons whose job description it covers. The register is protected by usernames and passwords. Access to the register is supervised by the person responsible for the register.
The manual is always stored in locked premises and destroyed in a paper scrap according to DIN 32757.
The information will not be used for direct marketing purposes, nor will it be disclosed to third parties except as provided in the ”"Regular Disclosures"” section.

Security and privacy
Subscriptions and order details are sent over an encrypted connection (SSL). We are committed to respecting individual and data protection.
The customer information you submit with your order is strictly confidential to us and will not be disclosed to third parties.
We use SSL encryption, a well-known and very commonly used encryption method. Through this technology, we ensure that no third party is able to read, modify or interfere with the communication between Nida Online Service Online and our customer.
The SSL (Security Sockets Layer) encryption system is trusted among others. online banking, and countless other online services that require secure connections.

Nida Verkkopalvelu Oy uses cookies on its website to track visitor statistics and improve our services. We use eg. Facebook tracking pixels and Google Analytics tracking software, and the advertising features that come with it. These services may use cookies, beacons and similar technologies to collect and receive information about our site visitors and use this information to provide measurement services and ad targeting.

All data collected is handled anonymously in such a way that it can never be linked to, for example, customer data or otherwise identify individual users.

If you wish, you can prevent Google Analytics tracking data from being provided by installing an opt-out plugin on your browser.

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