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Meidän aikaisemmat projektimme

From 2012 to the present we have experience in the following services: web hosting, webmaster, e-commerce, online payment services and mobile devices.
Most of our customers are private individuals and companies who want to get service in Turkish language.
Nida Web Service is a pioneer in new work. There are many opportunities on the Internet and we want to work with our clients.

Giro d`Espoo kuntoajo

In the Giro d'Espoo website, the runners can either register only themselves or register as many participants as they like at one time. After register the participants, the participant will receive his / her participation number automatically. The entry list for those who have registered will be immediately displayed on the website.

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The RoyalBus page is created with html5 . The page is multilingual and the language is changed from the same page. Through the pages, you can fill out a charter form, which makes it easy to order a bus. RoyalBus receives orders and the driver automatically receives order details.

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Ravintola Kervan

Restaurant Kervan's page is responsive. Customers of the restaurant can immediately receive prescribed % discounts, personal% discounts and/or 1-10 € coupons. The customers can order food and pay securely online.

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Avropa Azərbaycanlıları Konqresi

The website of the European Congress of Azerbaijan is responsive and built in three different languages. Everything on the individual webpages can be viewed in any of the three implemented languages. Video and audio are in HTML5 format. The page's backend uses Textpattern.

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